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How to Make Beer Brats

Grilling brats is one of the best parts of summer! This step-by-step tutorial of how to grill beer brats will help you feel confident making these delicious sausages at your next BBQ!

Ingredients Needed:

– uncooked brats – yellow onion – salted butter – lager style beer* – buns & condiments of choice

  *no need to get a fancy beer. Grab a    classic lager style beer like MGD, PBR,    Miller Lite, Coors, etc.

Preheat your grill: Whether you’re using gas or charcoal, get your grill warming now (aiming for a temperature of around 350°F). The blog post has helpful hints for managing the heat*


Sauté yellow onion with butter until softened. You do not want to cook the onion all the way (this is what makes it good as a topping!). Aim for ‘soft on the outside, crisp on the inside’.


Add your brats and beer to your pot and top with just enough beer so that the sausages are fully submerged. 


Simmer the brats on the lowest possible simmer until they are plump, grey, and there is no visible pink anywhere beneath the casing.


Transfer to grill: Your brats should be mostly cooked at this point, so transferring them to the grill simply finishes the cooking process and imparts that classic ‘grill’ flavor to the bratwurst. Cook turning brats gently and frequently until casing is browned.


Remove from the grill and serve: Serve on your favorite bun, topped with your favorite condiments, and enjoy!


Sides to Serve with Beer Brats

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Green Cutlery

Sides to Serve with Beer Brats

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip + Veggies

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Sides to Serve with Beer Brats

Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

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