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Tomato Tart Recipe

This tomato tart on puff pastry is a wonderful way to showcase those in-season tomatoes! A delicious option for an appetizer, light lunch, or as part of a brunch spread.

Ingredients Needed:

– Frozen puff pastry – Flour (for rolling) – Egg of any size (for egg-wash) – Cheese (I use a Cheddar    Gruyere) – 2-3 medium tomatoes  – Salt – Pepper – Fresh basil – Fresh parsley

1. Prepare and pre-bake puff    pastry crust 2. Prepare the toppings 3. Assemble the tart 4. Bake 5. Slice, serve and enjoy

How to Make:

Read the full blog post for more info:

- recipe variations and substations - - how to modify to make this gf, vegan, & egg-free - - tips for thawing and working with puff pastry -

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