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What's In a Matcha Latte

Love getting a matcha latte or an iced matcha latte at your local coffeehouse? Wondering if you can make one at home? Making a matcha lattes at home is super easy!

In simplest terms, matcha is a variety of green tea. However, it is grown and processed differently than standard green teas resulting in a tea powder that has a unique nutrient profile, a lot of antioxidants, and more caffeine than a typical green tea. 

What is matcha?

Ingredients for a Matcha Latte

- Matcha Powder      the key ingredient is a high     quality matcha powder - I     recommend ceremonial grade - A Dash of Water: to dissolve your matcha powder - Milk of Choice: 2% dairy milk, almond milk, oat milk, or coconut milk are great choices - Ice: if making an iced latte - Optional – Sweetener: simple syrup or agave syrup are great options, especially for iced matcha - Optional – Flavoring: vanilla extract, or other flavoring of choice

Tips & Tricks: Get tips on how to avoid clumps of matcha in your matcha lattes in the full blog post too! Click below to learn more

Click the link below to get the full recipe and enjoy an iced matcha latte today!

Want to make an iced matcha latte?

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